Photo Editing

Every designer knows having the best photos makes for the best sellers! Beyond selling ability though, there’s pride to be taken in a lovely design. Having the best photos – with good lighting, sharp stitch definition – are going to show off the unique details of your yarn and design, making your product photos glow.

My photo editing services take your photos and sharpen the focus, lighten the shadows, and eliminate dull greys that drag a photo down.

I use Adobe Photoshop to create high quality images which are returned to you in full size, as well as an optional optimized for web size, as well.

Images to be used on Etsy will be cropped to a square to best fit with their site layout, while Ravely or other such sites have more flexibility in their proportions.

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Depending on your needs, these are the services covered in my photo editing process.

  • Cropping
  • Adjusting lighting
  • Adjusting colour (such as removing yellow tones)
  • Sharpening focus (brings out stitch details)
  • Removing / softening blemishes, stray hairs, etc
  • Resizing for web use


Photo turnaround times will vary on batch size, but for most photo sets of 10 photos and under, 2 days is standard. Details on exact deadlines will be decided on with each job for a more accurate time line.


Single photo: $2

10 photos: $18

All payments will be accepted through Paypal.


Interested in a quote? Send me an email! If you’d like to include a screenshot of potential images, I can give you a detailed quote, time line, and suggestions for what services might be best utilized to make each picture pop!